Christmas Air-Blown

Christmas Air-Blown – Care and Maintenance

Christmas Air-Blown

Christmas Air Blown

You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your Christmas air-blown collection and you want to take care of it properly. You already know that it should be stored somewhere cool, if possible. This will extend the life of your air-blown quite a lot. Here are a few other activities that will keep your air-blown in good shape for years.

When bad weather approaches, and especially high winds, deflate your Christmas air-blown until the wind dies down. If  heavy snow or sleet is on the way, it will be worth your time to take your air-blown down until the weather has passed. If you leave the Christmas air-blown deflated, snow will bury it and it will be difficult to recover the Christmas air-blown. The situation will be pretty much the same with sleet, except the Christmas air-blown will be more difficult to recover.

As years pass, it is almost inevitable that your Christmas air-blown will develop some rips or tears just from normal wear and tear. The better the construction of the air-blown, the more time will pass until the rips and tears occur in general. Fortunately, there are several ways to repair the air-blown which are inexpensive and easy.

One method is to use duct tape. Since duct tape is rather thick, it will be quite visible, especially on internally lighted air-blowns. Fix this by cutting the duct tape into neat shapes such as a Christmas tree, a star or a penguin. Even though you will probably find duct tape in a color to match your inflatable, you could even use contrasting colors. Doing this makes your repair look more like a decoration rather than a fix.

For nylon inflatables, a rip-stop type patch can be found in the novelty or sewing section at most department stores. These are the patches that your mom used to put on your jeans at the knees when you wore through them. These patches come in a variety of colors that you can either try to match or to contrast on your inflatable. Use them the same as you would duct tape for your nylon air-blowns.

Christmas Air-Blown

Christmas Air-Blown


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